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OOQIA provides technology outsourcing services to world leader industries and entrepreneurs.
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OOQIA provides technology outsourcing services to world leader industries and entrepreneurs.


Since 2016 OOQIA started reducing the friction that often times hinders the success of DevOps by creating dedicated nearshore and offshore teams that quickly adapt and push the innovation of our partners.

Enterprises and startups have been partnering with OOQIA because of the exceptional success in incorporating full stack development team with fast adapting methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban). OOQIA’s expertise has been critical, for example, when introducing technology in order to reduce time-to-market and increase user engagement rates, thanks to our agile team.

Location, Location, Location

Thanks to our headquarter in Nicaragua and our global representation in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica OOQIA has been actively collaborating with a diverse group of key partners in several industries such as: e-commerce, supply chain management, data warehouse management, serious learning apps, geographical information systems (GIS), search engine optimization (SEO), real estate, and many more.

With the collaboration of the best local talent from Nicaragua and in conjunction with every partner, OOQIA has continuously built and trained every team to better fit the client’s and end user’s needs. The developer community has been growing with high retention rate that maximizes the ROI of our partners and add constant value to their products.