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DiveIn is an easy-to-use platform to make immersive virtual tours. Going virtual does not mean that your audience will be less engaged.
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The client

DiveIn Studio is a Software as a Service company that provides an easy and intuitive way to create 360 virtual tours right inside the browser and in a couple of clicks.

The platform has been in business since 2015 and has served thousands of users in different industries such as Real Estate, Travel and Hospitality, Education and more.

All virtual tours created by DiveIn Studio can are highly personalizable and fast to share.

Project overview

DiveIn started as an ambitious project AR/VR and had great success by atracting more users than its infrastructure could handle. That's when OOQIA came into play, in order to build the final version of DiveIn which included a brand redesign, techstack overhaul, API redesign and moved to a Microsoft Azure Services architecture.

This transformation enabled DiveIn to handle the exponential growth of users while keeping low infrastructure costs.

The solution

A computer monitor with a picture of a virtual tour creation tool
We focused on three core aspects: UI/UX redesign, scalability, and performance. Firstly, we evaluated the existing brand's connection with users and opted for a complete rebranding, introducing a new name and design system for DiveIn.

Then, our focus shifted to accommodating a growing user base cost-effectively. We revamped the tech stack and infrastructure, adopting a more scalable cloud setup.

Lastly, we tunned performance of the tour creation process. We enhanced elements such as image processing, dynamic and lazy loading of resources, and CDN integration.

What we did

  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript Logo
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Storage
  • Figma


faster tour creation

Significantly enhanced tour creation speed, going from 1+ hour to just 5 minutes.


monthly users

Getting users from all around the world.


virtual tours created

For diverse industries such as Real Estate, Travel, Education and more.


virtual tour views

Extensive virtual tour viewership, showcasing widespread engagement.

Numbers that showcase our success

Revolutionizing tour creation to smooth 5-minute processes, DiveIn engages a diverse global audience in Real Estate, Travel, and Education.

UI/UX redesign

A laptop and a desktop computer sitting next to each other
DiveIn Studio's transformation went beyond a superficial change. We did an in-depth evaluation of the brand's connection with users, leading to a complete rebranding. This involved not only a new visual identity but also a new design system, ensuring a fresh and engaging user experience.

The new brand identity aimed to better align with DiveIn's evolving mission and user expectations. Setting the foundations for an easy to use tool that users from all ages can leverage for their virtual tours creation goals.

Infrastructure modernization

Recognizing the need for scalability in the face of a rapidly growing user base, we undertook a thorough revamp of DiveIn's technology foundation. The tech stack and cloud infrastructure were optimized to ensure not only current performance but also the ability to seamlessly handle future expansion.

This strategic change aimed to provide DiveIn with the necessary architecture to support its evolving business demands.

Tour creation optimization

To enhance DiveIn's performance, we adjusted key elements. Advanced image processing improved visual quality, while optimizing dynamic and lazy loading of resources streamlined user interactions, ensuring a responsive experience. Integration with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) reduced loading times and enhancing overall platform responsiveness.

These optimizations collectively improved the efficiency of the user experience for both creators and viewers of 360 virtual tours.

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