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Our solution encompassed a comprehensive redesign, prioritizing intuitive navigation and modern design principles.
Walton International Scholarship Program

Website Optimization

Walton Scholarship

Website Redesign

The client

The Walton Family Foundation, rooted in multi-gen values, champions diverse voices in global philanthropy. In 2022, $566.5 million in grants empowered communities, reflecting a commitment to transformative change. Offices in Bentonville, AR; Washington, D.C.; Jersey City, NJ; and Denver, CO, underscore their impact. Notably, the Walton International Scholarship Program benefits Latin American countries, exemplifying a commitment to fostering inclusive educational advancement.

Project overview

The Walton International Scholarship Program undertook a positive transformation to elevate user experience. Embracing a design enhancement journey, OOQIA created an intuitive and engaging website, optimized for mobile use.

Key elements include a dedicated section for upcoming dates, and a streamlined application process. Additionally, the website will showcase the program's history, with valuable insights into its evolution over the years.

The solution

Our solution encompassed a comprehensive redesign, prioritizing intuitive navigation and modern design principles. This improves user experience and guarantees accessibility to vital information regardless of the visitor's location and device. This transformation not only overcomes past limitations, but also empowers the website administrator to connect effectively and assist students on their application journey.

What we did

  • Vue.js Logo
  • Typescript Logo
  • TailwindCSS logo
  • Figma
  • Google Analytics


New Users in the first month

Significant user growth, expanding reach and visibility.


Engagement Time increase

Increased engagement resulted in a rise in the number of applications.


Page Views

Considerable content visibility and user interest.


Engagement Rate

High user interaction, showcasing platform appeal.

Numbers that showcase our success

Exceptional initial success marked by significant user growth, and a high engagement rate, affirming the platform's broad appeal.

Application portal

A laptop and a phone with a start application on the screen
The Application Portal serves as a comprehensive hub, condensing vital details for seamless applicant navigation. It offers key information, such as application dates, proximity to closing dates, affiliated universities, program benefits, eligibility criteria, step-by-step application guidance, and insights into scholar life at each of the three universities.

This centralized resource optimizes the applicant experience, providing curated and condensed information essential for a successful application process.

Through the years

A person holding a tablet with a screenshot of website page called Through the years
The "Through The Years" feature offers a rich narrative of the program's evolution, encompassing its mission, vision, and a captivating storytelling journey from conception to the present day. Presented elegantly in a chronological timeline component, users gain insights into significant milestones, witnessing the program's growth and impact.

This engaging feature provides a comprehensive understanding of the foundation's journey, fostering a connection with the program's history and values.

Performance optimization

The website excelled in performance audits, achieving outstanding scores with 99% in performance, 100% in accessibility, best practices, and SEO. These great results significantly impacted analytics metrics, driving increased applicant engagement and enhancing overall user experience through a more accessible and optimized website.

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